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Biotechnology can deliver SDGs

A recently launched network set up to help solve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is making fast progress.

Innovators Magazine reported the September launch of HelloScience – led by Novozymes – and its founding principles to take on the world’s biggest challenges.

The first priority for HelloScience, which has already attracted more than 300 members, is to tackle SDG 6 – ‘to ensure access to water and sanitation for all’.

And in announcing its new partnership with ‘advanced pump technologies company’, Grundfos this week, Novozymes said the pair will run four challenges focused on the removal of ‘polluting chemicals from water’ as well as the improved ‘cleaning of wastewater’.

“This is a great opportunity. Partnering with Grundfos opens new possibilities for Novozymes, the HelloScience platform and its users. Until now, we have been able to connect the startups and academics, who are part of this network, with our knowledge about enzymes and microorganisms, and allowing them to use samples in their work, but now we can also connect them with Grundfos’ expertise in water treatment,” says Claus Crone Fuglsang, Senior Vice President, Research & Technology at Novozymes.

Biotechnology has a crucial role to play in achieving the SDGs.
Environmental Microbiology Professor, Barth F. Smets, from the Technical University of Denmark, said: Except for the ‘No poverty’ goal, biotechnology and mainly microbial biology can be a significant component in most of the other 17 SDG’s. If we look at the SDG’s clean water is an obvious area in which we can contribute. Clean water and sanitation also ties in with new food production and this creates inhabitable cities. And we can keep on connecting the goals like that.”

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