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#BiotechFan competition extension!

Forget our recent ‘final call’ post about entering the #BiotechFan competition – the deadline to submit video entries has been extended to 28 July.

Here’s a reminder of what you need to know about eligibility and how to apply for a chance to win a trip to Brussels for European Biotech Week:

The #BiotechFan competition is open to students, scientists, researchers and biotech enthusiasts passionate about ‘communicating the benefits of biotech’ and living in the EU. It is supported by EuropaBio.

To enter…

“Send a video. Your video can be as creative, serious or funny as you want it to be. The aim is to explain in a maximum of 2 minutes, in the language of your choice, why biotechnology is so important for you and/or everyone else, using any specific example(s) you find appropriate, from any field of application (such as healthcare, industrial or agricultural biotech). For example, show us what kind of incredible things we can achieve with genome editing and explain why you are passionate about biotech.  What would be your biotech wish for 2020?,” the competition web page states.

Send your submission before 28 July to via WeTransfer or tweet it to us @biotechweek using #BiotechFan.

We are official supporters of European Biotech Week – on from 23-29 September.

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