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Biotech takes centre stage


Global Biotech Week takes place this month with a string of events planned across the world.

The event has grown out of Canada’s first national Biotech Week, held in 2003, and has now spread from North America to all points of the compass.

“The purpose of Global Biotech Week is to raise awareness of the industry and its global potential among policymakers, policy influencers and the general public more broadly,” the event website states.

‘Celebrating science, innovation and solutions’ is this year’s theme and industry stakeholders and members of the public interested in learning more, are encouraged to check out the events planned near them.

It is fitting the week stems from Canada, where biotechnology innovation is in the DNA.

“The world sees Canadian biotechnology innovation delivering game-changing solutions to the global marketplace. Recent successes can be found throughout the spectrum of innovation with hundreds of small start-up entrepreneurs striving to bring scientific discovery to the global marketplace,” Andrew Casey, President and CEO, BIOTECanada, said in our BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology edition.

Global Biotech Week takes place from 20 to 27 September

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