|7 September 2016|


A new website explaining the life-changing benefits of biotechnology is the focal point of a new advertising campaign in America.

The Innovation Saves website pinpoints the positive impact biopharmaceutical innovation makes to people and society and was launched by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) this week.

“The cheapest way to treat a disease is to cure it,” said BIO President & CEO Jim Greenwood. “We all know people whose lives were changed or saved thanks to biopharmaceutical innovation, but what many don’t know is the impact these breakthroughs have on society.  BIO is committed to not only defending the value of these lifesaving medicines to patients, but also showcasing the value they bring to the broader healthcare system.”

“These medicines can prevent or curb numerous hospital stays and doctor visits,” added Greenwood. “That’s why biopharmaceutical innovation not only helps to save lives, but also saves money.”