28 October 2015

Scottish Enterprise has today announced at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy, in Brussels, Belgium, that Scotland’s plan to create, build and grow successful industrial biotechnology (IB) companies has surpassed the early stage goals established when the plan was launched in 2013.

Chemical Sciences Scotland and the Scottish Life Sciences Advisory Board (LiSAB) have published The National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology 2015-2025: Building on Success which details the achievements of the last two years and provides a re-focussed plan of actions for the next ten years.

This progress report outlines how the five key milestones set out in the 2013 strategy document, The National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology – Towards a Greener, Cleaner 2025, have been met and in some cases exceeded.

The overall goals of the plan remain to increase the number of IB companies in Scotland to 80 by 2020 and to 200 by 2025 with the turnover increasing to £400m by 2020 and £900m by 2025.

Commenting on the report Caroline Strain, Head of Chemical Sciences at Scottish Enterprise, said: “IB is a growing and ambitious part of the Scottish economy and builds on Scotland’s existing capabilities in life sciences, chemicals and engineering. It provides a mechanism to increase economic outputs, build new employment opportunities, increase innovation and efficiencies, develop new manufacturing systems, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce energy. We have made significant strides towards our goals for 2025 and will continue to support companies investing in IB in Scotland.”

In addition to hosting EFIB 2016, Scottish Enterprise will be supporting a number of Scottish businesses at EFIB 2015 in Brussels, Belgium, from 27-29 October.