|31 May 2016|


The countdown is now well and truly on to the world’s premier meeting of the global biotechnology industry. The 2016 BIO International Convention in San Francisco next week – from June 6 to 9 – returns to the birthplace of this booming sector and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

As well as the established names there will also be a platform for emerging innovations, especially through the inclusion of small business innovation research (SBIR) within the event’s Innovation Zone.

“The technology behind some of today’s greatest biomedical innovations have come from inventive small companies,” said Jesus Soriano, MD, PhD, MBA, a program director for America’s National Science Foundation (NSF). “World-class tradeshows like the BIO Convention offer federally supported tech pioneers working in American small businesses– who have big ideas, but limited resources — the opportunity to showcase their emerging technologies and disruptive new products. This year, NSF-funded companies and several academic laboratories with prototypes will be available to talk about their high-risk, high-reward projects, which will span a wide range of topics from new therapeutic platforms to diagnostic methods.”