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Big brands in climate pledge

More than 100 big brands have now signed up to The Climate Pledge to become net-zero carbon by 2040.

The initiative, led by Amazon and Global Optimism calls on signatories to reach the Paris Agreement targets 10 years early. With Colgate-Palmolive, HEINEKEN, PepsiCo, Telefónica, and Visa some of the latest to join it. Their commitment matters because of their scale and impact. Together the signatories employ in excess of five million people across 16 countries and generate $1.4 trillion in annual sales.

In agreeing to support The Climate Pledge the corporations will be required to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions regularly. And to ensure these readings are heading in the right direction, they will pursue a range of robust decarbonisation strategies incorporating innovative approaches in areas including energy, transport and materials use.

“We helped to initiate The Climate Pledge to prove a model that accelerates decarbonization with the most ambitious companies,” said Christiana Figueres, the UN’s former climate chief and now founding partner of Global Optimism. “Today over 100 companies, including household brands and companies from all industry sectors, have joined The Climate Pledge with its goal of net-zero by 2040. They are demonstrating that moving faster toward decarbonizing their businesses is a pathway to competitive advantage. There is no doubt we’re at a tipping point to establish the low carbon economy envisioned in the Paris Agreement. I commend the leadership of the companies that have joined The Climate Pledge already and look forward to welcoming the next 100.”

Find out more about the 104 signatories.

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Iain is an experienced writer, journalist and lecturer, who held editorships with a number of business focussed publications before co-founding and becoming editor of Innovators Magazine. Iain is also the strategic director for OnePoint5Media.

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