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Bid for the biotech book


Bidding is underway for a new book that has been bound in ‘clean leather’ made ‘without animal slaughter’.

Clean Meat, written by Paul Shapiro, is all about the future of food – and biotech company, Geltor, supplied the leather cover, which was grown ‘via microbial fermentation’, for a special copy that is currently being auctioned to raise funds for nonprofit, The Good Food Institute (GFI). The body is a strong advocate for the burgeoning plant-based and clean meat markets.

“This book is about the future, both in its content and its cover. Because of entrepreneurs and scientists like those chronicled in Clean Meat, the day will come when we view our present-day factory farming of animals as a relic of a technologically primitive past,” said GFI Executive Director Bruce Friedrich.

The auction runs until 22 January, at 8am ET.

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