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Baula cleans up

An award-winning European startup pioneering climate-friendly cleaning products has attracted more than €1M in new investment. Baula, based at Barcelona Science Park, is working to eliminate plastics in its range of Ecocert-certified capsules that need just a small amount water to work.

Jordi Caparrós founded the young company in 2015 and said the ‘products align with the market’s commitment to a sustainable economy, the need to eliminate plastics and reduce CO2’. With 16 trade agreements in countries across Europe, Africa, North America and Oceania, Baula, currently spearheaded by Joan Casaponsa, CEO and ex-chairman of multinationals such as Lindtand Panrico, is establishing itself as a popular alternative to products often linked to harmful chemicals that damage planet and people. Read more.

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Circular economy cleans up


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