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Aviation biofuels have arrived

A leading aviation fuel supplier has signed a deal to buy renewable alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ).

Gevo will supply its ATJ to Avfuel Corporation, which has 3,000 fuelling stations worldwide, from its production facilities in the US – as part of a long-term agreement announced today.

“We are pleased to have a customer and partner like Avfuel. Avfuel has tremendous reach with more than 650 Avfuel-branded locations and 3,000-plus fueling locations worldwide to a vast scope of customers,” said Patrick Gruber, Gevo’s chief executive officer.

We have charted the growing impact of Gevo in recent times, with GE Aviation using 100% of its renewable fuel to carry out ‘jet engine combustor component testing’; while Virgin Australia Group is incorporating it into the fuel supply system at Brisbane Airport.

The ATJ is produced using ‘the residual carbohydrate portion of grain’ to make isobutanol. Gevo said ’20 million pounds of animal feed and protein’ will be created for the food chain for every one million gallons produced.

It is the latest development in the aviation biofuels story, and follows a few days after renewable fuel producer, Neste, and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) signed a deal to support the industry’s sustainability ambitions.

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