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Aussie institute investigates AI

A new Australian institute has been tasked with investigating the varied implications artificial intelligence (AI) will have on life as we know it.

The Australian National University (ANU) will be home to the Autonomy, Agency and Assurance (3A) Institute, which will recruit world-leading researchers to take on the task of developing how to best blend AI with humanity.

“The 3A Institute will bring together some of the best researchers from around the world—experts in artificial intelligence, data and technology and a range of disciplines including sociology, psychology and economics, to build technical capability and to understand what implications AI will have for all of us,” said Arthur Sinodinos, Australia’s Minister of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Internationally-renowned anthropologist and technologist, Professor Genevieve Bell, will be one of those leading the new initiative.

“We, as humans, are simultaneously terrified, optimistic and ultimately ambivalent about what it’s going to be like,” she told ANU News. “How are we going to feel in a world where autonomous agents are doing things and we aren’t? How are we going to be safe in this world? “We will be looking closely at risk, indemnity, privacy, trust – things that fall under this broad term ‘assurance’.”

The 3A Institute at ANU has been co-founded with the CSIRO’s Data61, the country’s leading data innovation group.

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