|18 July 2016|

Neste – a pioneering global producer of renewable diesel – is to unveil an educational concept capable of generating a real-life simulation of the natural world and the carbon cycle’s role in it.

Labelled EduCycle, it is part of  Neste’s Pre-order the Future project, where one product or service innovation will be chosen for further development.

EduCycle is a modular learning kit built mainly out of renewable materials. It is an interactive, holographic simulation where children can alter the virtual landscape by playing with the moving parts of the kit. The first lesson of EduCycle will visualise the carbon cycle: Removing cars from the landscape or replacing coal power plants with wind power shows a positive change in the cycle. The simulation is enhanced with an augmented reality (AR) solution to create an even more immersive learning experience.

“EduCycle teaches kids to understand how their actions can change the world either for better or worse. Our planet’s future is highly dependent on how we and our children will learn to manage our carbon footprint,” says Osmo Kammonen, Neste’s Senior Vice President of Communications and Brand Marketing.