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Audi fills up on clean fuel


An Audi A4 2.0 TFSI car will be driven around the iconic Montlhéry circuit today filled with more than 34% renewable gasoline.

The car will take to the track, which is located south of Paris, using synthetic e-benzin (e-gasoline) produced by Global Bioenergies; a company that produces compounds to create gasoline blends – previously made with fossil fuels – using renewable feedstocks, including straw, residual wood and industrial-grade sugars.

“The objective of the partnership with Global Bioenergies is to develop sustainable e-benzin to our customers, as a contribution of Audi to reduce the automotive carbon footprint. The potential CO2-savings and emission reduction effects associated to drop-in synthetic fuels are important assets in our e-fuels strategy,” said Reiner Mangold, Head of sustainable product development at Audi.

Innovators Magazine reported last month the ongoing collaboration between the companies, and today’s trials are a major milestone in the journey towards taking these renewable fuels onto the roads.

Updated 11 April:

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