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Are you ‘vegan-curious’?

Today is a good day to think about that question – it’s World Vegan Day – and it is the hot topic on social media.

The Vegan Society first marked its founding in 1994; it has since grown to be an occasion recognised across the world every November. The Society itself began life as an offshoot of The Vegetarian Society in 1944.

Today’s conversations on social media and elsewhere raise awareness about the issues and benefits of being vegan.

The ever-increasing demand for meat negatively impacts on global warming and puts added pressures on water systems. This will worsen as populations continue to rise. There are many ways to tackle the problem, including growing more plant-based food products and, of course, becoming vegan.

“If we are trying to reduce our car use, limit the amount of water we waste, become more ‘energy-efficient’ and generally lessen our environmental impact, we must also examine the most important factor of our personal ecological footprint: what we eat,” The Vegan Society said.

These are all personal choices – but there is no better day to find out if you are a little ‘vegan-curious’.

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