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Are you a European music startup?

Early stage music pioneers using tech to transform the industry are being urged to apply for the Hamburg-based accelerator: Music WorX.

Hamburg’s Ministry of Culture and the Media, and Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, are behind the initiative, which helps European startups take forward ‘innovative business ideas’ for shaping the future of music. Successful applicants receive three months of support, including financial, networking opportunities, and workshops.

“With Music WorX we are showing that Hamburg is a good place for people with a spirit of entrepreneurship. It pays to implement innovative business models in the music industry here, and we support that. At the same time, we are networking the Hamburg-based players in the music and creative industries with new, clever minds and building bridges to international markets,” said Dr Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media.

Apply by 16 June for the autumn 2019 accelerator, which will run from mid-August to early November. The programme concludes with a pitch event to investors, where a jury prize of €5,000 will be awarded.

Egbert Rühl, Managing Director of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, added: “Music WorX was launched in 2013 as a local support programme for pioneers of the music industry. Year after year, the offer has developed further. It has been expanded and is now also open to start-ups from outside Hamburg. In 2019, we are looking specifically for new licensing models, fan services, innovative business models, data analysis tools and other technology-based innovations throughout Europe that offer real added value for the industry.”

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