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Are bald men walking solar panels?

Bald-headed males could help accelerate the shift a future powered entirely by clean energy, according to new research.

January’s global baldness census reveals that 58% of men over 43 are currently bald. And by connecting them to local grid systems via wifi, the renewable power institute (RPI) believes these human ‘domes’ could potentially operate more efficiently than conventional solar panels.

“Bald men can now use that unique shine on the top of their heads to reflect the power of the sun straight into most grid networks – and at lightning speed,” explained Dr A.P. Soofrill RPI Managing Director. “If we can encourage just half of the bald men walking the earth today to connect themselves to the grid, the transition to 100% renewable energy could be achieved by early next month.”

The RPI said it will release its 10-day bald energy roadmap next week.

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