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App supports ‘consumer genomics’


What do your genetics say about you? A Japanese startup now working out of the genomics center in Silicon Valley has launched a consumer app to answer that question.

The genomic explorer app, from AWAKENS, interprets data and provides information to users which can help them make better informed health and lifestyle decisions.

“Today for the genome is like the 90s for the Internet. Although technological innovations made the Internet accessible for many, applications for daily use had not been developed. Everyone was scrambling to figure out how to make the best use of the Internet. Through partnerships with many industries, we at AWAKENS are striving to unlock the vast potential of the whole genome. We want to develop an ecosystem where anyone can access valuable information, actionable insights, and related services based on their genetic information,” said Tomohiro Takano, CEO and Co-Founder of AWAKENS.

Individuals that have their ‘genome data’ can input it into the app for free. For now it can provide Americans with feedback relating to nutrition, personality, and intelligence. Longer term the company plans to partner with medical institutions to generate information linked to medical traits, such as risks to specific illnesses.

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