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App gives drivers independence

A ridesharing platform that has been operating in a space Uber and Lyft had hoped to fill is going global.

Arcade City is a peer-to-peer app that puts drivers in control of their own destiny. Instead of being directed from a central point, entrepreneurs create their own business models, deciding on charges and the range of services they want to offer customers.

It has been empowering drivers in Austin, Texas, for the past 14 months. The startup was formed after Uber and Lyft ditched plans to establish a presence in the city.

Arcade City founder & CEO Christopher David said: “Uber and Lyft treat drivers terribly, like numbers in an algorithm. To them drivers are just a temporary nuisance, to be replaced with self-driving cars at the earliest opportunity. They even hide that fact from the drivers. But drivers are beginning to wake up to reality – and actively search for an alternative.”

The Arcade City app can be downloaded from Apple and Android app stores.

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