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An entrepreneurial event like no other

The iconic Follow The Entrepreneur (FTE) Investor Summit takes place in Taormina this month. Delegates will be treated to an inspiring experience incorporating discussions on the ‘future of art, corporate venturing, blockchain, democracy, digital assets, gold, investment management, Italian SMEs, Japanese innovation, and transportation and mobility’.

During the pre-summit networking, delegates will be able to enjoy a tour of Mount Etna and a cruise around Sicily; before two days of conversation at the beautiful Belmond Timeo Hotel on the topics defining our world, such as blockchain, humanitarian development, enterprise, education, and clean technologies.

Capital follows ideas; always has, always will,” says Julie Meyer, Host, Founder and CEO of the FTE. “Over the last eight years, more than 3,000 entrepreneurs and representatives of multi-family offices, sovereign wealth funds, high net-worth individuals, venture capital funds and corporate investors have come to the FTE to share their campaigns, their funds, and their projects.”

Funding sustainable innovations scalable enough to help secure a future for our planet is clearly vital to us all, and those who gather in Sicily will be instrumental in directing investment that way. There will be around 150 attending – from dozens of countries, including Japanese Congressman Naokazu Takemoto, who will offer ‘insights into the potential of Japan’s SME community’. New funds will be also introduced at the summit in clean-tech, power/utility and impact investing.

Check out the ticket options for FET 2019, on from 21-25 July – discounts are available to startups and INSEAD Alumni.

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