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America needs to change its diet

The American Heart Association is calling for ‘innovation in the food system at multiple levels’ to usher in an era of sustainable and healthy eating habits in the country.

In a science advisory, the Association pinpoints ‘system-wide innovations’ that would support better diet choices among Americans.

“Innovation in the food system is needed at multiple levels- the food industry, agricultural industry, public health and medicine, policy, and among communities, worksites, schools, and families. In a healthy food system, the healthy choice would be the default choice,” said Dr Cheryl A.M. Anderson, the chair of the writing group for the advisory.”To create a healthier and sustainable food system and optimal environments where consumers purchase and consume foods, we need improvements in food production and distribution so that consumers have a wide variety of healthy foods readily available.”

Dr Anderson said ‘innovation is necessary to see improvements in the public’s health’, adding: “Examples include formulating new food products that are lower in calories and/or packaged as smaller serving sizes to reduce population-wide calorie consumption; improving the nutritional value of manufactured foods, product placement of healthier foods on grocery store shelves and pricing strategies to encourage purchasing healthier foods.”

The food industry is already responding to growing demands for clean meat and plant-based food products that can replace the meat options destroying the planet; while scientists say that going vegan is the biggest action individuals can take to minimise their impact on the planet. The fight is on to develop the sustainable #FutureofFood – and innovation will be the most important recipe.


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