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Mega drone could deliver virtually anything

Chiang Mai, Thailand - April 26, 2016: man hand holding screen shot of Amazon application showing on Asus Zenfone 2 mobile phone. Amazon is an American international electronic commerce company.

|12 January 2017|


Amazon has patented a design for what is being labelled a mega drone – capable of delivering packages of any size to customers.

Alone, the single drone is restricted in the type of items it can deliver but with this new design they would “couple together to form a collective UAV” which would be used to “aerially transport virtually any size, weight, or quantity of items“.

The drones would come together as one uint for bigger items and fall into different configurations for smaller objects.

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Iain is an experienced writer, journalist and lecturer, who held editorships with a number of business focussed publications before co-founding and becoming editor of Innovators Magazine. Iain is also the strategic director for OnePoint5Media.


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