|7 November 2016|


A big data expert from the University of Queensland has said that while the American election race has tightened in recent days his algorithm predicts Hillary is heading for the White House.

Professor Xue Li has got previous Australian elections correct with 95% accuracy. He uses an online search and analysis tool that is updated around the clock using data from social media.

“We provide nationwide and state-wide predictions and show how the forecast has changed,” he said.

“We also do a rates comparison on issues, with the information accumulated using sentiment analysis and ‘deep learning’ algorithms.

“Broadly speaking, ‘deep learning’ feeds data input through multiple processing layers that seek to model high-level abstractions.”

Professor Li said that only tweets related to issues divided into 17 categories are considered: “immigration, abortion, guns, foreign policy, taxes, gay marriage, health care, economy and jobs, civil liberties, crime and safety, environment, education, budget and spending, national security, Medicare and social security, veterans, and energy.”