Swedish Algae Factory has been named the 2019 winner of the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge.

A €1M pot of prizes was handed out to innovative companies tackling major environmental problems at a ceremony in Amsterdam this week. And Swedish Algae Factory walked away the winner – and €500k richer – for its work in cultivating algae called diatoms, found in ‘cold and dark seas’. It sells their ‘high-tech silica shells’ as a sustainable alternative material to harmful chemicals used in solar cells and personal care products.

CEO Sofie Allert said: “We are so happy and honoured to win this prize. This win helps us reach more personal care and solar clients and increase our production capacity faster. Algica reduces CO2 with 200 tons/kg per year when applied on solar panels and replaces harmful and less efficient ingredients in personal care. Algica is contributing towards a more circular and bio-based industry.”