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Air traffic systems created for drones

New Zealand and Singapore are developing air traffic control systems for drone users.

Innovators Magazine reported earlier this year that Singapore was advancing plans to build a network that can facilitate hundreds of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) operating in the country’s airspace at any one time.

And now Airways New Zealand and AirMap, which is a leading provider of platforms that support drone logistics, are collaborating on a three-month trial of an ‘unmanned traffic management’ (UTM) system in and around the Canterbury and Queenstown areas of New Zealand.

“The trial is an important step in investigating how Airways could develop a nationwide UTM system that safely integrates UAVs into New Zealand’s wider air traffic control network. There is potential for New Zealand to become a test-bed for the UAV industry through the implementation of a system that supports growth and development in a safe manner,” said Graeme Sumner, Airways New Zealand Chief Executive.

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