|24 February 2017|

New research suggests the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into wearables is set to accelerate growth in the industry.

Counterpoint’s Wearable Research says AI powered wearables will grow 376% annually in 2017 to reach 60 million units, with half of that stemming from hearables.

“With AI integration in wearables, we are entering ‘wearable 2.0’ era,” Counterpoint Analyst Karn Chauhan said. “Major growth in the segment is driven by the hearable market which includes devices like Apple AirPods, Beats and other innovative products from lesser known brands like Bragi Dash.”

Research Associate Parv Sharma added: “Wearables haven’t seen the expected momentum so far because they have struggled on the lines of a stronger human computer interaction (HCI) which can enable powerful experiences. However, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the wearables will change how we interact with or use wearables. AI will not only enhance the user experience to drive higher usage of wearables but also will make wearables smarter and intelligent to help us achieve more.”