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AI startup attracts $140M


A startup helping companies of all sizes tap into the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted $140 million of investment.

Databricks announced the round of funding today, which was led by Andreessen Horowitz. It will use the money to expand its platforms and open up AI to more enterprises.

“AI has enormous promise but also a 1% problem. Less than 10 companies in the world are achieving the full potential of AI and the rest are really struggling. Databricks’ mission is to simplify AI and bring it to the other 99% of enterprise organizations,” explained Ali Ghodsi, cofounder and CEO of Databricks. “This funding will enable us to expand our offering and bring it to many more markets, enabling more businesses to reap the benefits of Big Data and AI.”

The San Francisco company’s Unified Analytics Platform aims to simplify and reduce the costs to businesses seeking to incorporate AI and data science into their processes.

“If you want to build competitive advantage using Artificial Intelligence and you are not Google or Facebook, Databricks is essential. We’ve looked at every solution on the market and nothing else comes close. We could not be more excited to continue to invest in Ali Ghodsi and the Databricks team,” added Ben Horowitz, cofounder and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

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