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AI route to climate neutrality

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AI4Cities is a new EU-funded project backed by ICLEI that will support six cities across the continent harness AI to meet their climate targets.

Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris Region, Stavanger and Tallinn are the six taking part in the three-year initiative. They will tap into a procurement tool the public sector uses to prioritise solutions that best meet local needs, called a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process. Buying authorities are being asked to identify solutions in energy and mobility that will help achieve carbon neutrality. Companies of all sizes, including startups, will then develop innovative solutions using AI and associate tech, such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. A pot of €4.6 million is available, to be divided among the selected suppliers during the PCP process.

“Cities and regions have a lot to say and do when it comes to climate action. We are very well placed to support our national governments in achieving the climate goals. AI4Cities shows our leadership and our willingness to use the power of pre-commercial procurement to boost innovation, artificial intelligence and sustainability in Europe,” said Kaisa Sibelius, coordinator of the AI4Cities project and project manager at Forum Virium Helsinki.

ICLEI, a global network of cities focused on accelerating sustainable urban development, will assist participants in completing the process and adopting outcomes, providing procurement guidelines along the way.

“AI4Cities is a living example how sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, providing practical answers to the challenges ahead. Open-source solutions to drive climate change mitigation using the tangible tool of public procurement is timely and ICLEI welcomes the leadership taken by European cities. With ICLEI’s Procura+ Network, we stand ready to apply pre-commercial public procurement in the field of sustainable energy and transport,” said Philipp Tepper, Coordinator, Sustainable Economy and Procurement, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

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