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AI + jobs

Slightly more jobs will be gained than lost in the UK over the next two decades from the impact of artificial intelligence, according to a new report from PwC.

With 7.2 million jobs created and about 7 million replaced, PwC say the UK is in line to see a net gain in the region of a quarter of a million positions.


“Major new technologies, from steam engines to computers, displace some existing jobs but also generate large productivity gains. This reduces prices and increases real income and spending levels, which in turn creates demand for additional workers. Our analysis suggests the same will be true of AI, robots and related technologies, but the distribution of jobs across sectors will shift considerably in the process,” said John Hawksworth, chief economist at PwC. “Healthcare is likely to see rising employment as it will be increasingly in demand as society becomes richer and the UK population ages. While some jobs may be displaced, many more are likely to be created as real incomes rise and patients still want the ‘human touch’ from doctors, nurses and other health and social care workers.

It is in line with a report by Barclays Bank earlier this year which said tech and increased automation will create rather than reduce employment opportunities. While an older report from PwC hailed the potential tech has to offer humans a life less monotonous.

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