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AI helps deliver new vaccine facility

A Singapore-based biopharmaceutical has built a vaccine facility to fight COVID in just eight months using an AI-system that helps limit the number of human errors made during the construction phase.

Prestige Biopharma, which has operations in Korea and America, completed the build of the ‘global- scale manufacturing facility’ in Osong, South Korea, with the assistance of the ALITA Smart BioFactory engineering technology that was created by its subsidiary, Prestige Biologics.

“We are very pleased to complete the Prestige Biopharma Vaccine Center as planned this year with our Group’s unique and unmatched engineering technology, ALITA Smart BioFactory,” said PBP’s CEO, Dr Lisa S. Park. “And this Vaccine Center will be playing a significant role in our fight against Covid-19 and possible future pandemics.”


As well as providing a home for scientists fighting deadly viruses, facilities in the future will also need to be built in a way that eliminates their negative environmental impact. And a report released today by BloombergNEF (BNEF), at the BNEF Summit Shanghai, suggests the steel sector, which is at the heart of the construction industry, can be transformed by targeting extra investment at key innovations that will support its transition towards zero emissions.

The steel sector is responsible for around 7% of man-made emissions and the new report pinpoints hydrogen and recycling as being critical to efforts to reimagine steel production. As well as increasing the amount of steel that is recycled, the report, Decarbonizing Steel: A Net-Zero Pathway, calls for a steel industry that can ensure all its new capacity is designed to be hydrogen or carbon capture-ready.

Kobad Bhavnagri, head of industrial decarbonization at BNEF said: “The global steel industry is poised to begin a titanic pivot from coal to hydrogen. Green hydrogen is both the cheapest and most practical way to make green steel, once recycling levels are ramped up. This transition will cause both great disruption, and great opportunity. Companies and investors don’t yet appreciate the scale of the changes ahead.” 

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