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AI has Christmas shopping wrapped up

Americans are using platforms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to lighten the load when it comes to Christmas shopping this year, a new survey claims.

The study by SAP SE of 1000 US consumers found that around 40% plan to use ‘in-home assistants’ to make retail choices over the festive period, up from the 17% that said they did so in 2017.

“As retailers look to meet shoppers’ expectations for convenience and personalization, artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in the customer journey. Chatbots and voice-enabled assistants deliver a convenient, hands-free experience, removing even more barriers to customer engagement. These technologies will not be successful on their own, however — they will need a rich set of customer data in order to make relevant recommendations and be truly helpful,” said Johann Wrede, global vice president of strategic marketing for SAP Hybris solutions at SAP.

And with more households buying devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Sonos One, the role of AI and voice-activated support looks set to get even bigger.

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