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Adelaide a biotech powerhouse

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Adelaide is going to be home to a major biopharmaceuticals factory capable of servicing the Australian and international markets.

GEN1 Biotechnology will operate the facility. And the company announced this month its latest funding round attracted AUD$8 million, which included investment from the South Australian Government’s Health Industries Fund, as well as private investors and local banks.

“This round of funding will support the company’s delivery of a factory in Adelaide that will benefit all Australians,” said Kishen Vijayadass, GEN1 Chief Financial Officer. “Adelaide has a vibrant, fast-growing life sciences community and the South Australian Government, through Health Industries South Australia, was very responsive to GEN1 and provided invaluable support.”

The ‘high-value injectable biopharmaceuticals’ due to be manufactured will provide medications for conditions including cancer and diabetes.

Chief Executive of Health Industries South Australia Marco Baccanti added: “According to GEN1, it has the potential to save South Australia up to $70m a year in medication spending.”



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