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We are going to look back at some of the highlights of 2018 over the next day or two.

The Twitter chat we hosted with Knowledge4Innovation on achieving gender equality in STEM was one. We had a great panel, including two Members of the European Parliament, Ivana Maletić and Angelika Mlinar; along with Katherine Manuel – Senior Vice President, Innovation, Thomson Reuters. Here’s a flavour of some of the points they made.

Ivana Maletić Gender diversity is essential for creativity, innovation, productivity and competitiveness. The inclusion of women promotes scientific excellence and boosts the quality of STEM outcomes. Hiring women is a good business.

Angelika Mlinar The current social & cultural norm pushing male & female students into different fields needs to change by informing women of all ages about existing & growing opportunities & encouraging them in pursuing their interests in STEM fields.

Katherine Manuel We have so much left to discover. Think of a friend suffering from cancer or a debilitating learning disability. Why not have more people with more perspectives working to solve some of our greatest societal challenges? It just makes sense.


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