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Action needed now to zero hunger


A major international conference which got underway in Rome today is calling on countries to coordinate their efforts to eliminate global hunger by 2030.

Speaking at the opening of the biennial conference of the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), Director-General, Graziano da Silva said the number of of hungry people was on the increase and it was time that action matched the rhetoric.

“Strong political commitment to eradicate hunger is fundamental, but it is not enough. Hunger will only be defeated if countries translate their pledges into action, especially at national and local levels,” he said.

The Director-General went on to praise the UN’s Zero Hunger  target, as well as Italy’s efforts to support the “large-scale arrivals” in the country.

“We cannot save people by putting them in camps. To save lives, we have to save their livelihoods,” he added.



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