We launched Innovators Magazine in 2015, the year the UN Global Goals were officially adopted. It was important for us as a married couple, at such an historic moment, to find a way of combining our backgrounds in journalism, strategic communications and education to support efforts to accelerate positive change for people and planet. The outcome is this magazine, which exists to harness the power of communication to connect and inspire cross sector innovators and society groups working for the Goals.

Since 2015, we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing, passionate people, enjoying many milestones along the way. Some of the highlights of this journey so far, including the events we’ve held in the European Parliament; the introduction of our Impact Comms Programme for under 25s; creating the world’s first cross-sector award ceremony recognising impact towards the Global Goals; signing an MoU for COP23; welcoming Marc Buckley as our Editor-at-Large; plus the production of numerous sectoral special editions and media partnerships; as well as working with the UNFCCC are touched on in the simple timeline below. All of which will be showcased more creatively in our 2020 website makeover to mark the fifth anniversary of the magazine – coming soon. As 2020 gets underway we are excited to continue working on Menu B: planet-saving food solutions; the new handbook series and movement being spearheaded by Marc Buckley. Passionate people working together will change the world and we look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible.

Yours for Planet A, Susan Robertson + Iain Robertson (Founders)


Website and Twitter handles launch


Susan speaks at the 8th European Innovation Summit, European Parliament, Brussels, where she signs the Pact for Innovation

Deliver Innovation Academy Days focussed on creativity with Hardeep Singh Kohli


Susan talks communication at the European Innovation Summit, European Parliament, Brussels.

Invite Strathclyde University’s Images of Research gallery (right) to the European Parliament

“Through our many partnerships with Universities, businesses and technology organisations across Europe, and through our membership of CESAER – the association of European Universities of Science and Technology – we are deeply involved in European innovation. We are therefore delighted that the Images of Research tour is making its international debut at the European Innovation Summit and we hope that it will provide delegates with an insight to the breadth of our research, its industrial and societal impact and to the creativity of our researchers,” said Professor Tim Bedford, Associate Principal for Research & Innovation.

Produce EU Top 50 Startup magazine with K4I


Impact Comms Programme for under 25s launches

Carlotta De Toni becomes Impact Comms Lead, representing the magazine at events in Europe and Asia

Asked to produce the official Biotech for Chemistry magazine for ACHEMA

“Innovators Magazine – the name already implies why it’s a perfect match for ACHEMA,” explained Dr Marlene Etschmann, ACHEMA communications. “Always on the forefront of technology and covering a broad range of topics, the magazine is just like our trade show. The people that make it have the right mix of expertise in biotech and an open mind to look over the rim of the tea-cup, exactly what we need for a focal topic like Biotech for Chemistry.” 

Collaboration with K4I to produce EIS10 brochure

Marc Buckley new Editor-at-Large

Marc gives the keynote at Global Game Changers, an event celebrating cross sector actions for the Global Goals


Resilience Frontiers launches to explore pathways beyond the Global Goals. We attend brainstorming event in Songdo, South Korea

Produce introductory digital brochure for Resilience Frontiers via our OnePoint5Media umbrella brand

Our daughter Holly Robertson attends Resilience Frontiers

BREAKINGNEWSMenu B: planet-saving food solutions is launching in 2020

We are collaborating on this impactful handbook series and movement being spearheaded by Marc Buckley, which is focussed on exploring ways we can fix broken food systems to overcome the climate crisis and achieve zero hunger by 2030. To inspire, it will showcase some of the food innovations accelerating us towards the achievement of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To accelerate action, it will connect readers with the actionable, planet-saving steps individuals, industries, policy-makers and investors can take to advance Menu B options, contributed by a who’s who of global food reformists.