It is Friday. For some, it is a holiday weekend. While enjoying a drink or three over the next few days, sit back and think about all the industry’s links to the circular economy. See it as vicariously doing your bit for sustainability.

If whisky is part of the plans, Scotland might naturally spring to mind. And that is where one eco community is using whisky barrels for a place to live.

Perhaps vodka is more your thing. Well the good folks at 42 below deserve a big shout then, as that is a brand doing its bit for sustainability, by making eco soap from leftover cocktail lemons.

Beer lovers can be very proud of the talented bunch making their favourite too. Toast Ale is producing beer from bread that would otherwise go to waste, Jaw Brew is doing it with morning rolls, while a Danish team is using an abundant summer festival waste product in the process – yes, it is what you might think it can’t be.