|4 January 2016|

A whisky produced for the world’s undisputed king of comedy is on display in Glasgow.

The miniature bottle of Nippy Sweetie Scotch whisky – made for Billy Connolly in the 1970s – can be seen at the Art of Billy Connolly exhibition at the People’s Palace.

Believed to be the last known bottle of the Big Yin-inspired tipple, it was blended and bottled by the Glasgow-based whisky giant, Douglas Laing & Co.

And managing director Fred Laing, inspired by the current exhibition, which features over 40 of Billy’s own works of arts alongside memorabilia from his career, decided to donate the bottle.

He said: “Billy Connolly’s Nippy Sweetie instils a real feeling of nostalgia in me. Back in the 70s – when I first joined the family business – my father and I bottled this Blended Whisky for the Big Yin. It was sold at his shows by the lady who also sold the ice creams, and we proudly believe it was as synonymous with Billy as his beard and trademark hairdo.

“We’re delighted to donate this piece of Glasgow history – our only remaining bottle of Nippy Sweetie – to the collection and can only hope it proves to be something of a conversation piece for his fans. For me it was a bit of fun in the normally more serious business of Scotch Whisky. I well remember Billy and I travelled together on a flight to London, after which he graciously offered me a lift in his limo – to save me taking the tube – and a limo it was, big enough for us and 10 others.”

Billy Connolly is one of Glasgow’s greatest exports. The living legend has always made the world laugh with his story telling. But it is just one facet of this multi-talented and inspiring man. He is also a wonderful musician, actor, artist and adventurer. The breadth and quality of his creative contributions are truly staggering.

Art of Billy Connolly runs at Glasgow’s People’s Palace until 18 February 2016.