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A proud day for renewable fuel pioneer


A renewable fuel developed by Neste – from waste and residues – has been reducing emissions for a decade.

The Finnish company’s Neste MY Renewable Diesel has reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transport by 33 million tons in the last ten years. A figure Neste says is ‘almost equal to the total annual GHG emissions from road transport in Finland and Sweden’.

Since beginning production of the diesel at its Neste Porvoo refinery in 2007, the company now has refineries in Singapore and Rotterdam.

“Our Neste MY Renewable Diesel has provided our customers with a quick and easy way to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Thanks to the product’s high quality, it can be used in existing engines to achieve up to 90% smaller GHG emissions compared to fossil diesel. I am extremely happy to see that an increasing number of drivers, businesses, cities and event organizers want to choose this low-emission renewable fuel,” said Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President, Renewable Products at Neste. 

Users in Finland have been using it to slash emissions comparable to the yearly emissions of 500 cars.

Looking to the future, Neste said it envisages new opportunities for renewables in producing green jet fuels and bioplastics.


The wider biofuels market is already having an impact on the aviation industry. Research from NASA and by Lufthansa Technik have shown they are good news for the environment. And airlines are acting on the evidence.

Air Canada announced in April it was taking part in a project to test biofuels made from used cooking oils on selected flights between Montreal and Toronto. And Singapore Airlines has launched the first ever ‘green package’ flights – using sustainable biofuels – between San Francisco and Singapore.

In Sweden SAAB has even been using them to power fighter jets.


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