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A plan for sustainable agriculture


A new ten year plan unveiled by the Australian Academy of Science is set to play an integral role in the country’s ambitions to build a more sustainable agriculture sector.

The decadal plan for Agricultural sciences lays out a strategy to bolster agricultural research to ‘increase the ability of governments and producers to maintain productivity and efficiency in the face of evolving natural challenges’. It also points to ways new technologies can be incorporated to help advance these efforts.

“Embracing new ideas in innovation, science and research will drive the next age of agricultural prosperity in this country,” Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, Luke Hartsuyker. “From innovation in genomics, technology and big data, to chemistry, climate and metabolic engineering, this plan identifies the huge opportunities open to Australian agriculture over the coming decade.”

And Hartsuyker hailed the impact the Government’s annual $700 million investment in rural R&D is already having.

“Technology and innovation has increased the productivity of Australian agriculture in a number of ways, in​cluding new crop varieties, selective animal breeding and precision agriculture techniques. Together, we are working towards a more profitable, more resilient and more sustainable agriculture sector.”

This is just the latest initiative pioneered by Australia in food innovation. Last month it set a target to half the amount of food waste it creates by 2030.

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