|18 November 2015|

By Sheri Scott

While we like to preach the importance of a work-life balance, such a mythical creature seems completely off the cards when you run your own business. The thing is though, regular breaks increase productivity, boost creativity and prevent burn out, so how do you get a workaholic to well, stop working?

That’s where Tech Meets Paper comes in. It doesn’t quite stop you working as much as it reminds you to take breaks and look after you.  It’s the innovative new augmented reality app designed in Scotland combining stationary and tech to take control of your life. Think of it as the personal life coach in your pocket, that reacts to your needs, combining mindfulness techniques and digital diaries.  Got a bunch of meetings? This guy will sort help you prep. Busy day and you haven’t stopped? Find a 5 minute meditation sequence unlocked for you. Combined with inspirational quotes, beautiful notebooks and a series of podcasts, this multi-channel app is any business persons BFF.

Not sold yet? Tech Meets Paper reacts to you and understands the different parts of your life. That’s one smart app. While we all have cross over, we also tend to be managing more and more projects than ever, and Tech Meets Paper is the ultimate tool for making sure everything doesn’t get caught up in one big manic whirlwind of modern day madness. We’re already on our phones 24/7, so why not use this app as a reminder to take a break, get back to basics and increase productivity?

Tech Meets Paper are crowdfunding to finish the development of the app in Aberdeen (you can even pick up the notebooks aready) So if you know someone who could do with some TLC, who wants to bring back order to their life, this guys for them. Type A’s, you won’t know how you lived without it. To help bring this genius to life though, you will need  to pledge. With under 20 hours to go and more than a third of a way to their target Tech Meets Paper are wanting to build a kiss ass community of business people who love tech, stationary and mindfulness as much as they do.

So think outside the Triangle and pledge today. We all know it’s made it on our wishlist!