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A new era of fashion PR & communication? 

Where is the VOICE of the PR & Communication Managers working within the fashion industry? Louise Nyboe Andersen, Head of PR & Communication at Danish conscious fashion brand Skall Studio, advocates for a stronger voice within this profession. 

I still remember my first experiences with PR & Communication Managers within the fashion industry. It was back in the late 90´s where I often read about cool PR & Communication Managers and their preferences for everything from clothes and shoes to beauty routines in the glittering magazines. The focus was to look good and to be surrounded by beautiful stuff. Then came Instagram and – speaking roughly – the PR & Communication Managers preferred branding tool seemed to be all about selfies and to wear the latest new outfits on SoMe – the so-called mirror selfie became the most common way to take a picture. 

In my opinion, there has been a tendency to talk down this profession, and it has been led by the PR & Communication Managers themselves. Because without asking any questions this has been the common way to promote oneself – and as we all know the easiest way is to follow the given path. 

Luckily, new winds are blowing within this field. The first baby steps towards a new era of fashion PR & communication were taken as more fashion brands started to upscale their focus on conscious production. It created a demand for PR & Communication Managers with a certain understanding of and knowledge within sustainability. However, as far as I have seen the preferred branding tool is still selfies and about looking good. At least in a Danish and Scandinavian context.

But what about the VOICE? – in my opinion, the voice is the most important tool for the PR & Communication Manager. Before, and also in my current position I have been trying to use my voice to create awareness on difficult issues within the industry. Not just to look pretty on Instagram, so to speak. In fact, I have always felt a little embarrassed when taking a mirror selfie, so I quickly decided to skip this funny way of self-promotion. And this is not to point any fingers at all – just to say that I feel there is so much more to tell in a profession like ours. Because, in my opinion, a focus on more conscious production within the fashion industry requires that the PR & Communication Manager has a natural understanding of sustainability and the issues related to this, an interest in value-based communication and not at least: A strong voice. So: To all PR & Communication Managers out there working within conscious fashion: Why not skip more of the mirror selfies and instead use the energy to unfold the gift that we were given, our VOICE. In my opinion, the new era of fashion PR & Communication is all about: Voice, Values and Vision. 

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Louise Nyboe Andersen is Head of PR & Communication at Danish conscious fashion brand Skall Studio.


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