How can we effectively merge the impact of emerging technologies with our rapidly changing habits to create resilient societies that can thrive in the era of climate change?

Relax, we don’t expect an answer by sunset, but as a world we must work together to develop inspiring pathways to ‘maximise our resilience to climate change beyond 2030’. Pointing the way is Resilience Frontiers – the new ‘disruptive brainstorming’ initiative that is bringing together futurists and cross sectoral pioneers to talk desirable futures.

Resilience Frontiers is a disruptive brainstorming conference on the future of resilience. It marks the beginning of a collective intelligence process on how best to respond to deep societal transformations driven by emerging technologies and new sustainability trends, and to maximise our resilience to climate change beyond 2030.

Resilience Frontiers will launch at the NAP Expo in Songdo next week, an event which is part of the Korea Global Adaptation Week 2019. We are collaborating with the event, as a magazine and through our parent brand, OnePoint5Media, and I will be in Songdo with some of the team. Follow our coverage on twitter and instagram, as well as on these pages – and sign up for our newsletter to get all the news from Resilience Frontiers next week – and beyond.