|14 September 2016|


A game-changing concept could revolutionise how electric cars are powered and help supply renewable energy to grid systems.

Bosch and its key partners are conducting research into an innovative way of charging vehicles inductively – without physical contact. The idea is to use a magnetic field to charge cars while they are at a charging station.

And by using electric car batteries that enable bidirectional charging, it would be possible to feed energy back into the grid. Car batteries would store energy generated by sun and wind and when skies are overcast and winds are calm would then supply back to the system.

“To make this system work, electric vehicles must be connected to the grid as often as possible and for as long as possible. This, in turn, necessitates a stationary infrastructure – that is, special inductive charging stations that we want to connect to public and local grids, or even isolated grids that supply only a limited area,” explains Philipp Schumann, a physicist who heads up the project at the Bosch research campus in Renningen.