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A £30 billion land of food and drink


Doubling the value of Scotland’s food and drink industry – to £30 billion by 2030 – is the aim of a new initiative launched today.

Ambition 2030’ has been developed by the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, which represents key stakeholder organisations working in the farming, fishing, food and drink sector – along with the Scottish Government and its agencies.

The industry in Scotland has been growing rapidly in recent years, as national institutions – supported by the government in Edinburgh – have been working collaboratively and innovatively to promote the country’s bountiful larder.

Fostering a culture of innovation has been identified as central to the strategy. “Embracing a new culture of developing new products and processes to drive growth” is key, according to the country’s industry-led membership organisation, Scotland Food & Drink.

Its Chief Executive, James Withers, who describes the industry as a “national success story for Scotland”, said: “Ten years ago, when the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership was formed, our sector was relatively static. It is now one of the country’s best performing industries and it’s our fastest growing export sector. However, today sets out a new vision to build further on that.

“As an industry, we have identified an opportunity to more than double the size of our sector to £30 billion by 2030, making it Scotland’s most valuable industry.

“Working collaboratively, there is every reason we can make Scotland the best place in the world to run a food and drink business.”



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