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‘Small Innovations – Big Impact’

|11 April 2017|

A technology protecting people from HIV infection is one of the small innovations Bill Gates has praised for making a big impact.

The pocket-sized Wisepill electronic pill dispenser allows a doctor to track if patients are taking their medication sending a text if a patient forgets to take a pill, Bill explains in a YouTube video with the tagline: small innovations make big impact.

He invites people to watch in VR and see if they can spot the lifesaving innovations which are hidden in plain sight.

“To show you what I mean, I invite you to play a game of virtual hide and seek. You’re “it.”  Pull on a pair of VR goggles and watch the video below. Your job is to spot some of the innovations that are having a big impact on the world. I think you’ll discover that some of the most amazing innovations are hidden in plain sight,” he wrote in his blog.

It can also be watched as a 360° video.

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