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$2M food systems challenge

The deadline to submit ideas for the Food System Vision Prize – backed by the Rockefeller Foundation – is 31 January. SecondMuse and OpenIDEO are partnering with the Foundation to deliver a challenge that asks innovators to present solutions for fixing broken food systems.

“Aside from air, food (including clean water) is the most vital resource for life on Earth,” the Food System Vision Prize website states. “And when you look at the food systems data and 2050 projections, the future does look bleak. But humanity has more knowledge, technology, social intelligence, and human capacity than ever before—all of which can be harnessed to create a food system that nourishes all people, grows the global economy, and nurtures a thriving environment.”

The top visionaries will receive $200k, participate in an accelerator and access support from a team of expert advisors and industry stakeholders.

“The purpose of the Food System Vision Prize is to light the way for populations across the globe to realise a more promising, nourishing, and healthy future,” the website explains. “As a Food System Visionary, your goal is to develop a Vision that reflects the views and needs of multiple stakeholders within your regional system. With these stakeholders in mind, a Food System Vision is really a story about the future that addresses the following six interconnected themes:

  1. Environment
  2. Diets
  3. Economics
  4. Culture
  5. Technology 
  6. Policy

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