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$1M Climate Resiliency Challenge open to all

The $1 million Climate Resiliency Challenge led by IDEO has issued an open call to innovators worldwide for solutions that can empower frontline communities facing the worst effects of climate change.

“The Climate Resiliency Challenge is an invitation for organizations and teams across the globe to develop solutions that will empower frontline communities to be ready and resilient against disasters caused by climate change – in particular, wildfires, floods, and extreme weather,” the challenge website states. “This Challenge is open to individuals, teams of individuals, and legal entities. While the primary focus for solutions is on North America, we will accept scalable and transferable solutions from around the world.”

A number of awards will be handed across three categories, with a total of $1 million in prize money up for grabs. The Emerging Innovator Award, for early-stage concepts, is offering up to $50K; the mid-stage Innovator Award, for growth-stage concepts, up to $100K; and the Advanced Solutions Award, for scaling-stage concepts, is worth up to $200K.

The deadline for submissions is 10 July and the winners will be announced on or around August 1. More details can be found on the challenge website.

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