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$15M invested in digital farming firm

Tech giant Cisco is one of the big name investors backing a pioneering digital farming company.

Prospera announced today it has attracted US$15 million in its latest funding round. Qualcomm Ventures led the investment, which brings the total Prospera has raised to $22M.

The company harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, data analytics and computer vision in a system that provides farmers with the digital tools they need to grow healthier and more profitable crops. Prospera says it ‘transforms farm production with end to end digitalization –  from agronomy to operations’.

“This is an exciting time to create data analytics solutions, with the agriculture industry on the precipice of a giant step forward,” said Daniel Koppel, Prospera Co-Founder and CEO. “While the Agriculture industry has been somewhat slow to adopt information technologies, it is now closing the gap with state-of-the-art data processing tools, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We’re excited to lead this paradigm shift. We help our customers surf the tide of digitalization, and become connected, agile, and data-driven businesses that can more efficiently meet the ever-increasing demand for their produce under constantly changing market conditions. We are happy to have the resources to reach more growers worldwide, and grateful to receive such a vote of confidence from industry titans like Qualcomm Ventures, Cisco, and Bessemer and experienced agritech investors like ICV.”





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