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136 corporates in clean energy pledge

Iron Mountain follows hot on the heels of the Vodafone Group in committing to shift to 100% renewable energy.

The global data and information company is the 136th big name from the world of business to sign up to the RE100 campaign – backed by The Climate Group in collabortion with CDP.

Vodafone vowed earlier this month its electricity will be from 100% clean sources by 2025. Iron Mountain will make the same move – across its global operations – by 2050.


“We’re proud to be among the earliest adopters of renewable energy. Understanding the impact of our energy usage has led to the adoption of energy and greenhouse gas reduction strategies that are helping the company save money, reduce environmental impacts and better serve our customers. In making these commitments today, we are setting aggressive public goals with the endorsement of well-respected non-profit organisations, accelerating our efforts to foster strong economic growth while operating as a responsible, ethical and sustainable company,” said William Meaney, president and chief executive officer of Iron Mountain.


A recent report by the International Renewable Energy Agency shows the green power purchased by big business last year would have met the energy needs of France. While serial pioneer Dr Bertrand Piccard is demonstrating to decision makers and business leaders that profit goes hand-in-hand with the adoption of environmental innovations.

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