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Everyone can join the global movement fighting climate change.

Innovators Magazine is part of it, with industries working to achieve a ‘climate neutral future’ the primary focus of our coverage.

And businesses and individuals are being urged to join a UN initiative and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

As we reported in October, the ‘Climate Neutral Now Pledge’ – promoted by the United Nations Climate Change secretariat – is all about businesses ‘measuring, reducing, and offsetting’ unavoidable emissions. This can be done by purchasing UN-Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) to fund initiatives in developing nations, such as renewable energy projects.

Individuals can do their bit by signing the Citizens Climate Pledge at They can check their current environmental impact via an online calculator and learn how to ‘measure, reduce, and offset’ it, like buying United Nations-certified climate credits.

“Climate neutrality is a long term vision of the world we want this century, but it begins today and requires action from everyone – from governments to corporations, cities and individuals. I’ve already pledged to personally become Climate Neutral Now and invite you to join me in measuring, reducing and offsetting your emissions. Climate change will affect everyone, yet everyone can effect positive change now,” said Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary, UN Climate Change Secretariat.

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