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11th hour deal on climate rule book


COP24 concluded in overtime last week with governments signing off climate action plans on how the 2015 Paris Agreement will be implemented from 2020.

This rule book establishes a range of commitments, including how states will present details of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) relating to climate actions, with information on mitigation and adaptation measures to be provided, along with the financial support being given.


“This is an excellent achievement. The multilateral system has delivered a solid result. This is a roadmap for the international community to decisively address climate change,” said the UN’s Climate Chief, Ms. Patricia Espinosa. “The guidelines that delegations have been working on day and night are balanced and clearly reflect how responsibilities are distributed amongst the world’s nations. They incorporate the fact that countries have different capabilities and economic and social realities at home, while providing the foundation for ever increasing ambition.”


It is hoped this is the beginning of a new era, and our editor-at-large, Marc Buckley, a member of the Expert Network for the World Economic Forum, who covered the event from Katowice, will be giving his analysis of what it all means. Sign up for our newsletter to get it straight to your inbox.


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11th hour deal on climate rule book

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